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Click on the image below to open a new tab with the Trails and Greenways Map.


If you have questions on the map features go to the Map Help page for an overview.

The interactive and layered map is designed to show how area trails and greenways are connected and provide information on map features. You can zoom and pan, select or turn on or off any one of the following base map layers: OpenStreetMap, Terrain, Imagery,  or trails and greenways layers: Cary Greenways, Raleigh Greenways, Wake County Trails and Greenways. View the legend for information on map features or click on the trail, greenway or other feature to see more detailed information displayed in a pop up window.

The trails and greenways information in the Triangle Trails Map was created using public data from multiple government sources within North Carolina including the following:

  1. The Cary Greenways data are provided by the Town of Cary GIS Department.
  2. The Wake County Greenways and Trails data are provided by the Wake County GIS department – Metadata.
  3. The Raleigh Greenways data are provided by the City of Raleigh GIS DepartmentMetadata.

The map will be enhanced with more trails and greenways and more information about map features. To keep informed on new data changes or releases

DISCLAIMER:  Data contained herein is provided for informational purposes only.  The data contained on this website is subject to change and its accuracy cannot be guaranteed.  In providing this information and access to it, Triangle Trails makes no warranty, express or implied, and assumes no legal liability or responsibility for the ability of users to fulfill their intended purposes in accessing or using the map or data.

Our use of this data does not represent any endorsement whatsoever by any public or private organization or entity.


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